Sunday, June 19, 2011

Time to Vote for Your Favorite Healers Guild Challenge Treasury!

It's time to vote for the winning Etsy Natural Healers Guild Challenge Treasury for the week! The winner will be featured in all of the challenge treasuries for next week!!! Your three finalists to choose from this week are...

1. "Follow the Path" by DeerSprite
2. "At the End of the Passage" by NymphsNecessitys
3. "The Labyrinth's Goblin City" by Eco-Friendly Freckles

You can place your vote in the poll on the right-hand side bar of this team blog. Thank you everyone for your participation in this week's challenge...we have had some beautiful participating treasuries in this week's team treasury challenge! It has been a lot of fun! The three finalists in the poll are the three "most popular" treasuries (with the most views and lots of "hotness"). In this week's treasury challenge we featured fellow team member Storybook Artifact of the Etsy Natural Healers Guild.

This blog post was contributed by Jessica of Eco-Friendly Freckles; the new team captain of the Etsy Natural Healers Guild!

1 comment:

  1. My vote is for either of the 2 without David Bowie. Don't get me wrong that last one has some lovely use of color and theme but uhhh.... The big images of bowie creep me out. So I am not voting for a winner. I am just voting against Bowie cuz he is creepy.