Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Last Bouquet of May Flowers Goes Out with a BANG!

After gathering the last of the irises, it becomes apparent that the month of May has come and gone.  As swiftly as they came to bloom filling the atmosphere with such sweet aroma, these decadent flowers beg adieu with one last stunning floral arrangement.

Seen here in this picture above is a charming vase created by team leader of the Etsy Natural Healers Guild Jessica Woody.  This vase is one of her decoupage art creations featuring collage images with resemblance to Lichtenstein pop art.

With attention to detail and a divine eye, Jessica's artworks turn recycled materials into pure works of art!  Giving the timeless essence of mod sixties flair, this vase provides the most perfect container for this last bouquet of May flowers.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rest and Relaxtion with Passionflower

Passionflower has many healing properties; but perhaps my favorite is its calming, relaxing, sedative attributes that I find while sipping on a hot cup of passionflower tea before I turn in for the evening. Not only is this amazing flower beneficial to our health and thus therapeutic, it is also amazingly gorgeous! Above you can see the psychedelic, geometric structure of the flower beautifully captured in a photo and below you can see a similar image with a stunning monarch butterfly...
Above is a vintage passionflower plate that I have in my Etsy Shop Eco-Friendly Freckles; it is elegantly adorned and framed in one of my favorite colors Seafoam Green.
Enjoy a serene slumber with this floral all-natural herbal bedtime tea "Organic Peaceful Passionflower with Rose Loose Leaf Tea" by Etsy Shop Kyra Botanica
...Or drift off into wonderland with a wonderfully potent "Valerian and Passiflora Herbal Slumber Tincture" also found in the botanical oasis of Etsy Shop Kyra Botanica

This blog article was written and contributed by Etsy Natural Healers Guild Team Leader Jessica of Eco-Friendly Freckles