Monday, June 16, 2014

Nursing a Teething Baby: A Wise Decision to Make

Your first thought to come to mind may be, “Ouch!”; however, this is quite the contrary.  In fact as a mother to my second child now, I can honestly say that the only time biting has ever happened (it is very rare) is when the baby is in a playful mood and isn’t at all interested in nursing.  If a baby isn’t wanting to nurse, they most likely won’t even latch on.

Sending many encouragements to all mothers who are considering nursing their children past a year of age.  You will soon find that when those molars start coming through your baby’s gums, breastfeeding may just be the best solution to your baby’s needs.  These babies need rest most of all; especially if a low-grade fever is a result of their teething.  Generally infants have a loss of appetite during this time because their mouths are so sensitive.  Fortunately, the gentle suction infants create within their mouths while just being latched onto mother’s breast will alleviate a lot of pain associated with tender gums.  Not to mention, this suction will initiate the let down of breast milk, which will not only nourish your baby, but also hydrate them as well.  Sometimes diarrhea and mild diaper rash can be a result of teething because of increased drooling, tears, and nasal drainage; hydration is most essential at this time.

From mother to mother, trust in your instincts and please know that your child needs you now.  Many pediatricians support breast feeding children after a year of age.  With previous experience as a compounding pharmacy technician, I am well aware of the pain relievers, fever reducers, and numbing agents available to your child, and even though they may serve to be helpful, these treatments most likely are not comprised of natural ingredients.  Let it be reassuring to know that without these treatments soothing a baby during this time may still be achieved with simply mother’s presence.

Best Wishes to Soothing Toothing,
  Andrea (Team Captain of the Etsy Natural Healers Guild)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Can or Can Not" Blog Feature for Eco-Friendly Freckles!!!
My hand-painted upcycled cans, repurposed vinyl record wall art, decoupage iPhone covers made from recycled ephemera, eco-conscious yogurt cup party favors, and MORE are featured on the wonderful blog "Can or Can Not"! Please check out my in depth interview and many thanks to Julie for interviewing me! It has been a pleasure; I am honored for this great opportunity and exposure for my beloved Etsy shop Eco-Friendly Freckles. Can or Can Not?!!! I think I CAN! Below is one of my favorite upcycled cans featured in the article titled "Paulie's Confession". Please also visit Julie's upcycled can inspired Etsy Shop "Can or Can Not"!
  This blog article was written and contributed by Etsy Natural Healers Guild Team Leader Jessica of Eco-Friendly Freckles