Friday, June 24, 2011

Healers' Guild Folklore Treasures

The adorable image above is a picture of a Captured Fairy in a Jar Sun Sign Pieces and Pendant by fellow Etsy Natural Healers Guild member and featured artist of the week for team treasury challenge NymphsNecessitys.

The Etsy Natural Healers Guild has some delightful folklore themed items.  I love the presentation and allure of this Elderflower Tincture (pictured above) by fellow Etsy Natural Healers Guild member TheWyldeHunt... and this mystical concoction of a "burning herbs" blend called Ceremonial Smudge Blend by SpiritHerbs:

Here is my personal favorite (of course it is from my shop, Storybook Artifact, "haha") my home-baked fresh Rumpelstiltskin cookies.

... Team Captain "Jessica" of Eco-Friendly Freckles has her Kombucha Mushroom Scobies* that have stood the test of time with their rejuvenating, magical, and healthful properties.

Lastly, I have featured here a Quartz Crystal Phantom by TheShamanShack; "with a magical garden fairy-like feel to it". 

*_ Please note that many of the items featured in this post can be found in other shops of Etsy Healers Guild members.


  1. Oooh, that Elderflower tincture would be a great addition to an herbal medicine cabinet! By the way, I've tried Storybook Artifact's Rumpelstiltskin cookies...and the are SOOO GOOOOD!

    Thank you for featuring my Organic Kombucha Scoby amongst these delightful folklore treasures! ;-)

  2. Thanks for posting my fairy...every thing looks great...the cookies are making me hungry..hmm...I think 12:39 am is too late or early to start baking

  3. I love TheWyldeHunt's product labels, outstanding. I am always looking to improve my labels, LoL.

    The little crystal that has an "magical fairy garden feel" I am always pondering of starting my own magical hidden realm garden. What's stopping me, I ask myself.

  4. I'm with you ShamanShack, I LOVE TheWyldeHunt's tincture labels...the penmanship and designs are lovely! This gives me some ideas for my all-natural handmade soap tags. ;-)

  5. That tincture does look great!!!

    -The Loose Leaf