Thursday, July 26, 2012

A True Hydrosol Story

I have been so thrilled to be able to make my own hydrosols and now I have a great story to share.  This past weekend my daughter and her friend Kat decided to go for a bike ride.  It's been extremely hot here so they were dressed in shorts and tanks tops.  They hadn't been gone long when Kat came back inside, pale and shaking, covered in dirt and with 2 large scrapes on her shoulder and arm.  One of the peddles had broken off the bike and sent here sailing across the blacktop at high speed.  So I took her into the bathroom and cleaned her wounds with Witch Hazel hydrosol to get all the dirt out and help disinfect them.  The shoulder wounds was bleeding and watery but the large scrape by her elbow was bruising and had a large knot, and the skin hadn't actually been broken.  I applied Lavender hydrosol to both wounds and made a compress of it for the elbow area.  By the time we got her bandaged up she was calm and not shaking anymore and they decided to stay inside and hang out and play video games.

The report the next day-my stuff is a miracle.

It never ceases to amaze me how many uses I find for these amazing waters and how gratifying it is to be able to have these healing materials at hand any time I need them!


  1. it is so difficult to convey to people how powerful these substances are since so few are familiar with them - hydrsols are truly 1 of God's gifts to humanity!

  2. So true! It's hard to believe something can be so gentle yet powerful.