Friday, June 15, 2012


Understanding the theory is a great starting point but building a relationship with Reiki through direct experience is the best way of becoming familiar with its power. - Jessica Bergeron

Each month, Gathered Roots hosts a Distance Reiki Healing Circle via Facebook and we extend the offer to all those wishing to receive Reiki healing. Our next event will take place Monday, June 25th, 2012 from 9PM until 9:30PM EST (Eastern Standard Time).

I invite you to discover for yourself how life-changing Reiki can be!

There are no special requirements for you to receive the Reiki healing, other than a willingness to receive it. For this event, it's simply a matter of visiting the details page and hitting the "Join" button. You can also say an affirmation to open yourself more fully to the experience if you feel this would be helpful. You are, or course, also encouraged to share the event with others who may too be interested.

I recommend that participants settle into a comfortable position during the session, either by laying down, sitting in meditation, etc. This can help bring the sensations and effects of Reiki to awareness. While the experience is an individual one, tingling and warmth is very common, as are feelings of enhanced well-being, relaxation, and/or creativity. Sometimes, there will not be much, if anything, that is felt at all.

You are encourages to practice a grounding exercise at the end of each treatment. It can be as simple as envisioning yourself as a tree for a few minutes, and feeling the roots penetrate deeply into the Earth. Ensuring an adequate water intake throughout the day of the treatment, especially afterwards, is also advised.

There is no need to worry if you forget about the event or are busy running errands, working, or sleeping during the session. The energy will still make its way to you!

If you feel any benefit from the session and would like to give support, making a free-will donation in the amount of your choice via Paypal to would be appreciated. Other ways of giving thanks include "Liking" the Gathered Roots Facebook Page if you haven't already, as well as sharing the page with others to help spread the word.

You may also schedule Reiki services at any time at the Gathered Roots Etsy shop or directly through our website.

For further information about Gathered Roots and/or Reiki, please visit our website or message me directly.

Take care and happy healing!

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