Sunday, September 25, 2011

Essential Oils for the Holidays

Fall has arrived and I will soon have to abandon my garden and retreat indoors until Spring.  Now that it's getting dark earlier and earlier I am so grateful to have aromatherapy to carry me through. 

Aromatherapy fascinates me.  Everyone knows how smells can trigger memories of family gatherings but there is so much more to it.  When we smell cinnamon, nutmeg, or clove our first thoughts are pumpkin pies and Thanksgiving.  But these essential oils do so much more for us.  They are warming, mental stimulating and strong anti-microbials.  Perfect for the Fall and Winter when it's dark longer, colder outside and we are all couped up together during cold and flu season.  I probably protect myself even more than I realize just because I spend more time blending and diffusing oils just to keep my spirits up.

The oils I like this time of year are the warming spices-coriander, nutmeg (use sparingly), cinnamon, clove, ginger, allspice and cardamom;   little citrus like bergamot or orange;  Christmas tree smells like juniper, cypress, rosemary, pine, fir, spruce, cedarwoods;  medatative oils like frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood; peppermint always make me think of candy canes and of course a little cocoa absolute, because chocolate is always good!

I diffuse these oils pretty constantly when we have friends and family over.  It creates a warm, inviting atmosphere and has the added bonus of stimulating appetites.  You've been cooking all day so you want these people to eat, right?

Other oils to consider for the Holidays could include coffee and vanilla absolute, and since I'm Italian by marriage I also use Basil!

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  1. Oooh LA LA! LOVE this blog article and these seasonal essential oils! I use Cypress essential oil at home and find it to have a calming aroma (ha ha, for that "holiday stress"), as well as a powerful pain reliever for sore muscles when applied topically (it promotes circulation too)!

    Mmm, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon, and ginger = Wintertime BLISS!