Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weekly Team Treasury Challenge #5

Due to this last week's holiday, we only had one participant in our team treasury challenge Andrea of Storybook Artifact: myself. ;o)~ ... Hence, there was no need to set up a voting poll.  Featured above is a picture of one of my shop's items, which is currently for sale in my shop and is titled Woman Behind the Curtain!

Hooray it is Wednesday!  Now that we know who the featured artist* will be this week (myself "Storybook Artifact" with my winning treasury Sparks Flew), it is time to announce the theme for our weekly treasury challenge hosted by the Etsy Natural Healers Guild!


*_ Remember, everyone participating in this week's treasury challenge must feature one of Storybook Artifact's beautiful shop items anywhere in the first 3 rows (NOT as an alternate in the fourth row) of your treasury.

This week's treasury theme is "WHISPER", and remember that it can mean anything to you so have fun and express yourself within your challenge treasury!

The Etsy Natural Healers Guild Weekly Treasury Challenge is open to EVERYONE and not just team members so feel free to join us! You do NOT have to belong to the team, to participate or win the challenge! The Winner of the Challenge will have their shop items included in every treasury for next week's team challenge!

On Sundays we will all get to vote for the best challenge treasury in a poll that will be featured on the right-hand side of the team blog; there will be three participating treasuries to choose from (these will be the most popular of all of the treasuries in the challenge or the treasuries with the most views). 

You have until Saturday, July 9th at midnight...

Challenge Requirements:

1. Include an item from this week's featured shop (Storybook Artifact), anywhere in the first 3 rows (NOT as an alternate in the fourth row).

2. Do NOT include any of your own items, or more than one item from the same shop.

3. In addition to the featured shop item, your treasury must contain at least SIX items from Etsy Natural Healers Guild members. These "team-related" items can be placed anywhere in the treasury. For a list of team members, click here ... or you can also find them by searching the our team tag "healguild" in Etsy.

4. Tag your Treasury "healguild" and"healguildchallenge5" (the number "5" without any spaces). If your treasury isn't tagged correctly and doesn't show up in the treasury search results by the judging deadline, it may not be judged. In case their are difficulties finding your treasury by searching the treasury tag, please also leave a link to your treasury in the comments of this blog post. Highly recommended! There is also a thread on the Etsy Natural Healers Guild team page where you can post a link to your entry challenge treasury. All of these things really help others find your treasury more easily.

6. Include a link to this blog post in your Treasury description (or in the first comment). This is very IMPORTANT! This is what helps get the word out about our Challenge! If you're not sure what to say, feel free to copy and paste this:

This is an Etsy Natural Healers Guild Treasury Challenge entry! Anyone can play! 
Find out how to participate:


1. Follow this blog!

2. If you have items in your shop that are health conscious, made of non-toxic materials, or are healing in any sort of way, please feel free to join the Etsy Natural Healers Guild Team! We'd love to have you!

3. Message the shops featured in your Treasury, letting them know about the Treasury and the challenge!

4. Promote your treasury and the challenge! Tweet, Facebook, and share with friends.

5. Use themes from Etsy's July Merchandising Desk, to increase your chances of getting a Front Page Treasury!

6. Support other participants! Click, comment, and share other "healguildchallenge" treasuries.

Important Notes: Only shops that abide by Etsy's Rules & Regulations are eligible to win. Past winners are eligible to win again.

This challenge ends (you must submit your completed challenge treasuries by) Saturday, July 9th at midnight.

We will vote for the winner from the three most popular challenge treasuries on Sunday, July 10th.

The winner of the challenge will be announced and the next challenge will begin on Wednesday, July 13th.


  1. "Madame Pomreeda's Whisper":

  2. Here's my treasury! I was inspired by Missy Higgen's song "Warm Whispers" and took the lyrics of the song and found items to symbolize them. I hole you all enjoy!
    Starlightdiva (Steff)