Friday, July 15, 2011

Etsy Natural Healers Guild Monthly Blog Question

Yippee Yah-Rah!  It is that time again: for our team's blog question of the month.  Please feel free to invite/bring along both team members and non-team members to join in on the fun with this blog post/question!  We will generally always be commenting on questions that play along the topic of "health and/or healing".  Look forward to a friendly fun experience with all who choose to join in on answering the blog question of the month.

This Month's Blog Question: (is found below in bold print)

Code Green Comics

Which Ingredient(s) Do You and Your Family Try to Avoid or Limit Consuming?

Be specific, be brief, or be creative ... I'll be the first to comment below. :-)

This blog post was contributed by Andrea of Storybook Artifact.


  1. I'll be the first. :-)

    I try to avoid purchasing grocery items for myself and my family that contain the following:

    _Hydrogenated Oils (Partially and Full)
    _Sodium Nitrate/Nitrite
    _Aluminum (Baking Powder)
    _Artificial Sweeteners and Colors


    And I try to avoid/limit:

    _High Fructose Corn Syrup (GMO)
    _"Contains Natural and Artificial Flavors"
    _Soy (estrogen factor and GMO)
    _Canola (GMO)

  2. I try to limit all chemicals and preservatives. I try to keep as much crap out of my food as possible.

    I avoid sugar and starches specially corn starch.... I try to avoid salt when i can without being disgusted by what i am eating.

    I try to eat food in it's roughest most organic natural version. About 97% of my diet is organic. And it try so hard to make it even more than that.

    I am also very careful with sugar. I don't eat the processed dyed sugar. I eat the natural sugar if i am going to eat sugar at all. And i try to avoid even that when i can except for special occasions.

  3. This question is very close to my heart as I developed MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) over 6 years ago and it completely rewrote my life. Learning to remove the unnecessary toxic aspects of my personal grooming habits and food habits has become a way of life. I avoid everything with "fragrance" the chemical ingredient. Also everything with "natural or artificial flavour". The list is actually so long that it's easier to tell you what I invite into my life. Everything unadulterated and health promoting, organic, whole, and as pure as possible. If it's not food quality I don't use it. In my world Proctor & Gamble and Johnsons & Johnsons don't exist. Tide is next to poison gas, and fabreez and glade style products are the anti-air demon children of the sense dead. Perfume, gone, cologne, gone, fake fruity scents gone (thank God). I get most peopele don't have to take it as far as I have, but that's not to say they wouldn't be better off if they did.

  4. Love the comments here ladies! I wish there were more people in the world like you two. :-)

  5. I LOVE July's blog question of the month! Boy, you ladies sure are healthy...that's GREAT! I also strive to have an all organic diet and I eat only "whole foods" the girl in the comic strip above, I'm the one with the papaya, not the sappy girl with the pre-packaged box of crap! *Giggles*

    Along with Andrea's list of no-no ingredients, I also would like to add these ingredients that I avoid as well:

    - Fluoride in drinking water (in the short video clip found in our latest blog post, you'll see that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland; plus you can get Fluorosis and multiple health problems associated with fluoride consumption. Why do you think there are warning labels on our toothpastes and a skull & cross bones on the barrels of fluoride?!

    - Any ingredients that I DON'T know/understand like "bromelated vegetable oil", "EDTA", "PGPR", etc...and ingredients that are really "MSG" in disguise; like "yeast extract" (

    - Agave Nectar; although many consider it a "healthy alternative sweetener", I have continually found research that states that it drastically increases your insulin and it is "worse than high fructose corn syrup"! (

    I use all natural sugars like Morgaine's Well does...I'm also in LOVE with coconut (aka: palm) sugar or "jaggery"! This is the one we get:

  6. Great question! I love all of these answers...

    Refined sugar is definitely out for me, as are hydrogenated oils and anything that I don't completely understand what it is and where it comes from.

    Fresh, organic, whole, traditional foods are on my must-have list...

  7. Great comments! What a motivating bunch you all are; I feel like going out to a neighborhood farmers' market to see what goodies I may find. ;o)~

  8. I buy organic products for my family, so that we aren't eating pesticides and dyes, and so the chemicals aren't seeping into our skin. I'm also adamant about avoiding fluoride in our drinking water, which is really difficult and expensive. None of the regular water filters get it out.