Thursday, August 15, 2013

End of Summer Team Treasury Contest

What an amazing team we have here in the Etsy Natural Healer's Guild.  Simply honored to be a team leader and looking forward to the turnout in this team treasury challenge to win two darling prizes.

A 10.75" by 6" copy (excluding the Storybook Artifact watermarks) of this original antique lithograph from my shop (Storybook Artifact), accompanied with an original retro magazine ad from team leader Jessica of Eco-Friendly Freckles.

This 100% team treasury challenge is more than what meets the eye, it is motivation to build a stronger more prosperous team.  A closer contact with you (our individual members) at helping you strive in the Etsy world.  We are building relationships, supporting others, and having fun!

Whether you sell herbal remedies, healing stones, handcrafted jewelry, organic all-natural treats, heirloom products, etc., our team has quite a broad scope at who is welcome to join us.  We are happy to have you.

Above is the first "sample" treasury featuring all members of the Etsy Natural Healers Guild.  Create your own and submit it here to enter the contest:

The winner will be announced at the beginning of September.

Begin building your 100% team treasury here:


  1. As team leaders, Andrea and I are hosting this team treasury competition, so my 100% guild member treasury solely serves as a source of inspiration for everyone who participates! We look forward to seeing other guild member treasuries!

    ***Remember not everyone in the guild is using the team tag "healguild" on their item listings, so you may also choose to browse through the member page within the team to locate guild members to feature in your treasury.

  2. Eva from Etsy Shop "Juniper Tree Skin Care" has created "Naturally Beautiful" a 100% Etsy Natural Healers Guild treasury for our challenge!

  3. Two more entries into the challenge!

    "Bird of Hera":

    "The Power of Red":

  4. THE WINNING 100% TEAM TREASURY OF AUGUST IS "drum roll please" ;-) ... The Goddess Within by Tammy Loverdos of Divine Scentuality!!!

    Reasons for winning:

    _ Had three entries into the contest, which brought up her chances of winning.

    _ Didn't feature items from the same shop.

    _ Had proper team tag included: healguild

    _ Mentioned team in description.

    _ Used her own creativity.

    _ Had quite a bit of treasury views.

    Additionally, Jessica "team leader" and I are both surprised that Tammy was successful in finding all Etsy Natural Healers Guild items featuring a woman in the picture ... Especially in consideration of the fact that most healguild items are herbs, stones, tinctures, shaman wands, etc! ;-)

    Fabulous Treasury Tammy!

    We'll get in contact with you soon so that you may receive your prize!!!

    Thank You All Who Participated in Contest!!!
    _Andrea "team captain"