Friday, April 15, 2011

Healing Your Heart with Nature's Gifts

The beautiful image above is an original painting titled "El Corazon" (The Heart) by Kerian's Art. 50% of the proceeds of this painting will go to the Disaster relief in Japan via the Red Cross.

Finding a healthy balance between high and low blood pressure can be daunting to many people. However, there is a natural remedy that you can use that has healing properties and helps regulate blood pressure aside from those harmful pharmaceuticals with numerous side effects; this herb is called: Hawthorn Berry.

One of my FAVORITE websites and wise woman herbalist, Susun Weed, has intriguingly informative article about the therapeutic benefits of hawthorn for our heart well as other fascinating information about the herb.

Hey there crafty Etsy artisans, Susun Weed says of hawthorn: "Hawthorn is said to guard the hinges and to oversee crafts. A branch of flowering hawthorn placed in studio or workshop is believed to make the craftsperson skilled and successful." I have got to give this a try! Here is the link to her article:

"Take Heart From Hawthorn" by Susun Weed

As Susun mentions in her article, a hawthorn berry tincture can be made for a simple, effective way to absorb the healing properties of the herb. Joe and I made a hawthorn berry tincture (our tincture infusion is pictured above) using 70% Everclear (grain alcohol) and 30% water along with hibiscus flowers which is also another very beneficial herb for lowering high blood pressure (see article below).

Hibiscus Tea Significantly Lowers Blood Pressure

My husband, Joe, is prone to having high blood pressure and his father is already struggling with it; so we have made this tincture for them and myself to help keep us all heart healthy and regulate our blood pressure.

If you would like to make your own hawthorn and hibiscus tincture or tea...or you would just like to get one already made, I have listed a few Etsy shops (some are members of the Etsy Natural Healers Guild) below that carry these medicinal items!

"Hawthorn Fresh Tincture 1 oz. -Crataegus Monogyna" by The Wylde Hunt.

"ORGANIC Hawthorn Berries - Heart Problems, Blood Pressure, Anti-Oxidants, Digestion - 50 g" by Mistcal AcScents.

"Hibiscus Flower Organic 4 ounces FREE SHIPPING" by Herbal Sunshine.

"Certified Organic Hibiscus Flower" by Drawing Down the Moon.

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